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How we work


Counseling Data Collection

We have collected extensive information over many years from individuals across more than 25 states. This data, amassed through significant online investment, is used in our specialized counseling campaigns.

Our aim is to bring qualified patients, who have a strong interest for therapy, directly into your counseling practice.


Building the campaign

Instead of running generic counseling ads that people have been exposed to for years and have become immune to, we utilize specific counseling offers that are deeply connected to the essence of therapy and mental well-being

This strategy greatly enhances our ability to compete and potentially surpass other counseling practices, even those with substantial six to seven-figure monthly marketing budgets.


Designing the funnel

We employ a tailored counseling funnel rather than just a simple Facebook lead form ad” to further educate and engage individuals interested in counseling services.

This method entices them to proceed with providing their personal information, enabling us to contact them for therapy sessions.


Pre-qualifying stage

Our application process is tailored to gather information from individuals interested in counseling and to filter out those who aren't a good fit for our services.

This includes people who don't meet certain criteria, ensuring we focus on potential clients who are most likely to benefit from and engage with our counseling services.



When the leads meet our criteria, they are invited to book an appointment on your calendar at a time that suits them. This automated process ensures you spend your time with trained and motivated clients, rather than chasing after leads that don't qualify.



This is where we continue to educate and inform individualswho have shown interest in counseling, using SMS and email sequences.

The primary goal of nurturing these counseling leads is to ensure your practice remains a top consideration, even long after potential clients have completed the application process.

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Many counseling practice owners find themselves overworked and undercompensated. Our primary mission is to change this reality.

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New Patients
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Appointments Generated

The most Qualified and Talented individuals

Duke Dennis
Duke DennisSales & Marketing
Dino Kosic
Dino KosicOwner
Luka Bralo
Luka BraloMedia Buyer

Dino Kosić

Official contacting numbers and emails

Phone number+19314884331

Duke Dennis

Official contacting numbers and emails

Phone number+19314884331

Luka Bralo

Official contacting numbers and emails

Phone number+19314884331

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